Lake Country Replicas

About Lake Country Replicas

Our primary goal is to provide the finest line of freshwater fish replicas available to the taxidermy industry by using our unique molding processes. We strive to consistently provide high quality replicas. When a mold gets weak or worn, we make a new mold from the master. When the replica does not meet expectations, we improve the master.

Our second goal is to have the most complete selection of all the freshwater species available. To that end we recently acquired an outstanding line of over 300 traditional molds of the Canadian species. Although the quality of this "Traditional Series" cannot match that of the "Premier and Signature Series", the line does provide specimens in sizes that are very hard to come by.

Our third goal is to maintain a consistently short turnaround time with our deliveries. As manufacturers, we are proud of our three week order to shipping schedule on most standard products.

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